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Returning nothing of value.

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Xenophobia? In MY right wing? It's more likely than you think.
So, here's something I don't get.

I've seen numerous news stories about various far-right groups and politicians decrying the entrance of refugee children into our country, screaming about how they are a threat to us, and how they're not our problem and should be sent back to the horrible poverty and violence that they're fleeing. I've seen commenters on various news sites and conservative blogs even cheering and crowing about the fact that many children have been drowning trying to cross the Rio Grande. I've seen video of protestors screaming "Not our kids, not our problem!" and "Go back where you came from!"

No doubt, most of the people saying these things would define themselves as good Christians.

Yet, if these children were unborn fetuses, these self-same "good Christians" would be all for doing whatever it took to prevent the women pregnant with them from having any access to abortion, no matter how dire the woman's circumstances of health or poverty, and insist upon using the power of the state to intervene to "protect" the fetuses. Because that's "pro-life".

But, apparently, there's nothing about cheering at the deaths of refugee children that is not "pro-life".

I mean, unless it comes down to the fact that what we have here are a group of people who are motivated only by loyalty to their own in-group, and virulent mistrust and hatred of anyone who is not like them or does not conform to their narrow and primitive view of how the world "should" work and how people "should" live. It would seem a large segment of the American public is basically living, mentally and culturally, in the early Iron Age, and has no rationally-based ethical or moral framework on which to judge reality.

...Nah. Couldn't be that, right? Right?

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Its Too Bad the American Indians didnt reject them white folks who were illegals.... And yes, my grandma and her family were seneca indain, so a bit biased.

Blaardy hell! The power of these hypocritical zealots freaks me out. It seems incomprehensible on this side of the pond.

My take on all these issues is "anti-human." I think there are too many people in the world, and so I am pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-guns, pro-death penalty (in theory, its not applied right currently & too expensive...) and anti-immigration. Just in general. Because people... boo. Whenever there's more people, the pressure on nature is higher, and I've watched over my lifetime as the more people arrive in general (even from California to Oregon, mind you) the worse everything seems to get.

Though I think its awful that those kids are in such danger, we can't take in all the kids around the world who are in danger (MOST kids around the world are actually living in poverty and violence, actually, proportionally.) So I actually understand where the protesters are coming from.

Terrible, right? Yeah, it is. Hypocritical too for people all descended from immigrants themselves. And you're right-- and everyone who agrees with you is right-- that its cruel and mean. I own that. I can't get over the whole 'LESS PEOPLE DAMMIT' thing in my psyche. Not that its up to me regardless anyway, so who really cares what I think?

But there's my 'devil's advocate' for you.

Ultimately, I think with Decline being a thing, the anti-immigration fervor will mount terrifically in the next couple of decades as more people fall from middle class to poverty right here in this supposed great nation of plenty. A few million people crossing the border won't help matters, but it only harms as far as population strains go-- they don't actually "take our jobs" in the classic sense people think of it... Except in construction (immigrant labor in construction DOES take decent-paying jobs), and agriculture (which no one wants, but machines are taking over more and more for now anyway, so a moot point until fuel prices get too high)-- and soon all those service jobs that no white people want but will have to take to survive. When people born here are competing with illegal immigrants for shit jobs-? THAT'S when the tide will turn truly ugly. We're just seeing the opening salvos of that grim sentiment.

Its misplaced anger and hatred, but everyone loves a scapegoat. =^( Even so? I still don't want more people moving here. I feel bad for them, but I want the population to decrease. I mean, I know it will eventually-- the HARD way, but the more people we start off with before Decline, the worse the fall will be as we all compete over resources. My own survival trumps my compassion. I think survival trumps compassion for a LOT of people. Its the "have-nots" who are turning mean over this, not the educated upper-middle class on up. Poor liberals like me, unless they just crossed the border themselves, tend to agree with the hard-right assholes at the border on this one (though we lie about it to most of our better off friends who are so appalled.)

Its a complicated and nasty issue, no matter how you look at it. And if you hate me for admitting to this, I can't even blame you.

Mmmmmm, could be? Also, the word HYPOCRITES comes to mind.

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