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Returning nothing of value.

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A sudden realization
If, horror of horrors, Mitt Romney were to win the election, do you know what this means?

PAUL RYAN would be only a lack-of-heartbeat away from the Presidency!

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Its not that bad. Neither Science or mysticism has proven Romney even has a heart :P

This is now Officially Not Funny. It Is Batshit, and we have stepped in it, and it reeketh. A Hurricane approaches, which Our Friends will interpret as God's Will to elect the Republicans. That this could be a random symptom of global warming, sent by God, escapes them... Watch Rachel Maddow all day, and you will be up to your armpits in a warm bath of validation. Watch anything else, and you will be amazed at the ability of so many people to watch that gob on the tube and think that he is Really a Nice Man.

Romney Speaketh in Reformed Rhinoceros.


Happy Birthday, wherever you are.

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