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Random silliness
If I ever get married, I think my bride and I will have to compete to see whose dress is prettier.

Because if I DO get married, I will want the day to be memorable for all attending, even after the therapy.
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You'd need something smashing like one of this designer's dresses.

I could almost argue my husband outshone me, but he wasn't wearing a dress: http://jamisonwexler.com/blog/jamisonwexler.com/blog/mink-andys-wedding-at-stonehurst-mansion-in-waltham-ma/

He was wearing a traditional Scandinavian costume. (I wore his grandmother's wedding dress, and a custom-made medieval style dress). Actually, all of the men wore that, on both sides of the aisle.

Memorable, no therapy required!

Why did I never see these before?!

You BOTH look awesome.

Man, I was all set to point you to the LJ post but... um, apparently I didn't post it.

I think at the time it was because we had NOT invited a lot of people, and that can be tricky. But at this point, I could probably post it publicly.

There's a link to more at the end of the blog post, and then you can see the entire 700 image gallery here:
Password is 102310 (10/23/10 was the date of our wedding). You can buy any, if you feel so inclined! That's our photog's website, and he is BAD ASS.

Oh, and other gender bending fun: our friend avatrix had his own bouquet at the wedding, and did his own bouquet toss to the men. It was COMPLETELY DESTROYED in a free-for-all war! Andy managed to score one leaf.

Clearly, the men have been waiting for their chance to do this! If I'd had a bouquet, I would have thrown to everyone (but I didn't. I had a lantern; nothing was thrown.)

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