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So, I just spent some time explaining to Dubbug how nuclear reactors work, so she could understand what was happening in Japan.

Her reaction:

Dubbug: so basically they're just boiling water in there!?
Flewellyn: Yes, that's exactly what they're doing.
Flewellyn: It's like a big pressure cooker.
Flewellyn: But the heat's coming from the nuclear reactions in the uranium fuel.
Dubbug: would it be safe to cook my mushrooms in there?
Flewellyn: Uhh...if you like radioactive mushrooms.
Flewellyn: I don't think you would.
Dubbug: will it make me grow big?
Flewellyn: No, but it might make you have cancer.

I think she was hoping the mushrooms would be like in Super Mario Bros.

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or maybe so many people have read/seen comics they want to become a superhero?


They're more like the evil mushrooms in Mario (1?) that kill you.

"evil mushrooms"

PURPLE MUSHROOMS!!!!! (mario the lost levels)

nom nom nom~~~


Yes! Now I want to play that game again...

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