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So, Sarah Palin has spoken out about the accusations that she is contributing to a violent atmosphere.

And in doing so, used the phrase "blood libel" to describe those accusations.

Blood libel. Yes.

Two things.

First off, Rep. Giffords is Jewish.

Second, in many far-right circles (not mainstream conservative), there's a pervasive belief that Jews control the media. So, this use of an ancient antiSemitic trope casts Palin as the poor Christian woman being picked on by all those mean Jews.

Assuming, of course, that Palin was not just being stupid. I'm not sure I'm willing to believe that this was not deliberate.

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She's not the only one; it's like they all got together and decided to start using the phrase simultaneously.

What a fucking fruitbat.

IMHO, this is equivalent to comparing one's self to Holocaust and pogrom victims. Which, at least in this case, is such complete and utter bullshit that I'm shocked and appalled that Americans are too stupid to clue in about that and turf these idiots from the airwaves once and for all.


I know, I saw it in use on the Wall Street Journal. And some tweets from various goopers.

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AntiSemitism runs rampant among the very far-right. I think her supporters would just support her all the more.

I think you give her intelligence too much credit.

No ... and I can't believe I'm saying this ... I think she spoke from ignorance. Some other pundit used the phrase first, I'm willing to bet HE knew what he was saying, but she probably thought, "GREAT! I'll use that phrase, too! It has a good strong sound to it!" Without even once thinking there might be a history to it.

If she comes forward and apologizes and says, "I really didn't know it meant that, gosh I'm sorry. I didn't mean that," then I'll let it slide, at least personally. Then again, I am a lousy jew, from ancestrally lousy jews. (Remember, my grandma fed the rabbi pork chops.)

Thanks for this - I was going to make a very similar post, having boggled at the reporting of it on the BBC.

I can't work out if her use of an anti-semitic term is intentional, or if it's just a bit of rhetoric she's heard somewhere and has trotted out without really understanding the history of it.

As with Dubya, I can't work out if she's really as dumb as she looks, or if it's just a folksy persona behind which she can hide her poisonous ideas. As Angela Carter sagely points out, the worst sort of wolves are hairy on the inside.

*blood pressure rise*

And I thought the anti immigrant, climate change denying fucks here were bad. Last I checked Rupert Murdoch wasn't jewish.

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I'm moving to Canada. I was born in Montreal; I have dual citizenship.

What is this, I don't even . . . **pounds head against the wall**

Protip, Ms. Palin: When you hit rock bottom, STOP DIGGING.

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