Returning nothing of value.

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they didn't even create it originally. It was an old email xmas glurge story that went around in the mid-90s. Thought the email was stupid and hated the song even more.

Of course, part of me is also thinking what an awesome scam to buy shoes. "Please, mister, will you help me buy these shoes so my mommy can look beautiful for jesus tonight?" And then take them and sell them on ebay.

O to the M to the F to the G.

Yes well, this post made me laugh so hard that I watched your link, which made me laugh so hard my whole morning's better.

Hahahahahahaaaa, people suck! Wait, I shouldn't find that funny... EXCEPT I DO. Oh good I'd hate to think I wasn't a bitter cynic. Phew.


THANK YOU. That song will never make me cry, ever again.(I hate that song and hate that it makes me cry even more)

THIS. I HATEhatehate that i get teary-eyed at manipulative Xmas glurge.

That song always made me suspect that the kid was just scamming people for loot with his sob story so he didn't have to pay for holiday gifts out of his allowance.

**applause** Hate that song.

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For me, the "sob" part of that sob story is that supposedly there's some woman out there dying of some terrible illness or whatever and apparently the thing that's gotten to her most in her final days is worrying that she's not goddamn pretty enough. That is SAD.

That certainly doesn't make me smile either. But it took a backseat to the overweening presumption on the part of the song's narrator.

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...And the thing that makes women happy, that makes us smile, that makes us feel like we're at our best, is when we're pretty. Not smart or articulate or brave or good or kind or skilled or talented or funny or bearing a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, just pretty. And this is drilled into kids' heads by the time they are five or six or however the heck old this kid is supposed to be, and that is considered positively heartwarming.


Thank you. That exact sort of thing is precisely what enrages me beyond the comprehension of sane people about the sort of people who consider handicapped people (ie. like me) to be "inspirational" and "great lessons" and "teaching us patience and tolerance" et cetera. I don't give two flying fucks at a rolling doughnut whether you ascribe that to the Great Sky Daddy or to the Random Vast and Uncaring Universe's Happenstance Lottery, it's still bloody offensive. We don't exist to make you feel good or into better people, we're just trying to get by.

Now, if you were to say that such-and-such an action somebody took was really brave, inspirational, et cetera, that would be one thing, but just bloody existing doesn't make the cut here. It's offensive and dehumanising, stop it.

I've never heard the song, so while reading your narration, I was really hoping the boy was buying the pretty pretty shoes for himself....

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Yeah, except, no. See, it's a philosopical point that I've run into a number of other places, in contemporary Christian thought. There is a large undercurrent in parts of modern American Christianity which pushes just this "God is personally intervening on MY behalf, and not necessarily yours" attitude. So I didn't come to this conclusion about the song in isolation.

Also, I don't appreciate you calling my thoughts on something "deliberate misinterpretation".

This sort of thing is why I have explictly declined relationships with gods that wanted "worship".

I hate this song, because it feels like emotional manipulation, and I ran out of patience for emotional manipulators LONG ago.

This post, it is excellent.

I remain in the mood to rageflip tables for other reasons.

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