Returning nothing of value.

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Gun-toting treason and plot?
Remember, remember, the Fifth of November...the day Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Paraliament and replace British democracy with a theocratic dictatorship.

Who in current American politics is like him, now? Hmm...who goes around brandishing guns and screaming about overthrowing the government because they don't like that their religious beliefs are the law of the land...?

*blinks with wide eyes and slightly opened mouth*

I don't know... WHO!?

NOW can I burn the Pope in effigy? And Pat Robertson, and Billy and Franklin Graham, and Phyllis Schafly, and everybody else Bruce Wilson writes about on talk2action?

Or would that be "infringing on their religious freedom"?

Treasonous vipers, the lot of them.

Uhm, the Muslims? Pretty much like they do everywhere they aren't already in power (and even in places where they ARE)? (*duck*run*hide*)

Ummm...no. Not in America.