Returning nothing of value.

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Glad I wasn't too incoherent, then.

Not incoherent at all. :-) And this kinda snuck up on me; I need to get my own entry done. lol

I certainly hope that none of the pro-lifers have ever called Terminix, or used antibacterial soap.

A lot of them support Dubyah dropping bombs on Iraqis and cutting school lunch programs.

Hear, hear! Very well put :)

Well stated - thanks for posting on this today!!

This is great -- very well put.

Ver, very well said! In favct, since you said this so much better than I could have, on my "Blogging for Choice" post I'd like to just cut-n-paste this; giving you full credit for it, of course. May I?

No, but you're welcome to link to it. :-)

I am anti-abortion, and although you didn't change my mind on the subject, this is definitely the most well put reasoning for abortion I have read/heard. I am definitely pro contraception and voluntary sterilization. Those are very wise choices for someone who doesn't want to have a child.

However, if a human life is started through consentual, unprotected sex it's hard for me not to see stopping that life as murder. It's certainly changes things when you get into rape and incest and, yes, I can see why a woman should have control over her body as well. It's a very difficult and touchy subject indeed.

I sure understand your point of view.

The only thing I would say is, even if you view a fetus as having equal rights to a born human, there are situations in which killing a human being, though regrettable, is justified, and not murder. Self-defense and defense of another, for instance.

This is the primary argument that Rabbis have used for the past, oh, 2000 years or so (I read of it in the Midrash, forget where), that women had the right to abort a fetus that threatened their health or lives: it was considered justifiable homicide.

Well I agree with that actually. Noone should have to go through with a pregnancy if it may kill them.

Word. Also, the commitment begun at fertilization doesn't end at the point of birth- it continues, with incredible emotional and fiscal demands, for about two decades. And no person should grow up unwanted.

Do I like the concept of abortions? Not really. But I believe that keeping them safe, legal, and affordable/accessible is crucial.

I semi-agree with the people who call abortion murder, since it ends or prevents a human life, but I think using that as an argument for why abortion is morally wrong is absurd as long as we have the death penalty and willfully engage in wars. As a culture, we say that some forms of killing are right, and necessary, yet abortion isn't covered by that.

Amen. Very well said. I especially like how you took apart the "when does life begin" arguments and showed them to be hollow. I'd never heard the issue approached from that aspect, and it was refreshing!

I *heart* you so much for this right now. Best WIN of the internet forever.

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